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Wedding photographer logo design, with bright pastels + bold lettering

Brighton-based wedding photographer Sara Reeve wanted a bold and colourful re-brand for her business, combining a love of outdoors with an energetic, playful edge.

There was lots to love on this project, with a wide brief and lots of scope to have fun with colours, shapes and textures. The final branding incorporated a bold, brushed calligraphy typeface and was delivered with a flexible selection of logo options, allowing for use across a range of contexts. This was supported by a set of supporting assets, visual elements and illustrations, so Sara could extend the brand throughout a wide range of additional collateral.

Take a look at some examples of the finished branding below…





Client: Sara Reeve Photography
Design: Swash & Fold
Fonts: Boho Script (Latinotype), Mira Italic (Maghrib), Quicksand (Andrew Paglinawan)

Design Work

Logo Design: Anna Morgan Photography

More client work on the blog today with a sneak peek of the forthcoming brand redesign for wedding photographer Anna Morgan

There’s a lot more to come soon, but I thought it would be good to get a sneak peek at the forthcoming branding update for Dorset-based wedding photographer Anna Morgan. Its often the case that as a business grows and develops, a clearer sense of identity starts to emerge. In Anna’s case, she wanted to move towards a more distinctive, confident and contemporary brand design that reflected her personality and approach.

Anna’s Pinterest pins indicated a strong leaning towards strong san-serifs and hand-drawn text, with the boldness of the lettering offset by a preference for lighter pastel, mint and powder blue shades.

Additional versions of the logo were created for watermarking, stamping and alternative colourways for Anna’s business cards. Take a look at the finished product below, and keep an eye out for the website redesign coming soon!




Design: Swash and Fold

Fonts: Festivo Letters (Ahmet Altun) – adapted

Design Work

Font Friday: Insolente

Font Friday is a series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week it’s the stylish scrawl of Insolente

Handwriting fonts can be difficult to get right sometimes. Too often you can find yourself in the realms of cheesy marker-pen style scripts, with shapes that repeat too often to appear natural and an unrealistic flow. Parisienne design house La Goupil have been featured here before a couple of times but for good reason, as they always manage to get the organic look spot on without seeming forced. Their latest typeface Insolente is a perfect example of a successful handwriting font – heavily stylised, full of character, but still perfectly readable and more usable than it may at first appear. Some subtle OpenType ligatures stop things looking too regular, and the associated set of alternates allow for some neat flourishes on the start and end of lines.

Inspiration this week comes in equal parts from wishful thinking about sunnier days, and Sofia Coppola’s understated study on being somewhere else

Regular and alternate versions of Insolente are available to buy from La Goupil’s MyFonts store, along with more examples of the font in use.


Fonts: Insolente (La Goupil)
Photo: Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi, Thailand (own collection)

Design Work

Font Friday: Organically

Font Friday is a series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week it’s PintassilgoPrints’ extremely adaptable Organically

The type industry looks to be in great health at the moment, with a seemingly never-ending supply of exquisitely drafted fonts pouring out of design studios around the world. Many of them could only really be considered “display” typefaces – that is, fonts that are best suited to small amounts of text such as logos, posters or invitations. This is no bad thing, and most of the fonts featured here have fallen into this category. But what if you had a larger amount of text you wanted to set? However great the likes of Bonbon might look as a headline, trying to use it as the main face in an article would soon lead to a messy, swirly overload of swashes and squiggles.

This is why I quite liked Organically, from the previously featured PintassilgoPrints. Although still a display font at heart (whack it into upper case with discretionary ligatures activated and watch the Pintassilgo magic happen!) the lower case characters are discrete enough to be used in quantity, compact enough to work in a paragraph, yet retaining just enough visual flourish and character to give some warmth to a layout.

While you still wouldn’t want to set a whole book in a font like Organically, it livens up a recipe no end. Inspiration for today’s example comes from baking blogger The Gentleman Baker, with a fabulously floral teatime treat from his extensive archives…

More samples of Organically in use are available on the Pintassilgo store, and more amazing recipes are available on The Gentleman Baker’s fantastic blog.


Fonts: Organically (Pintassilgo Prints)
Cakes: Chamomile Fruit Loaf, by The Gentleman Baker

Design Work

Font Friday: Harper

Font Friday is a series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week it’s “Harper”, a sketchy hand-drawn slab serif with a lot of charm.

After the precision curves of last week’s Reina, I figured we needed to loosen up a bit… and Harper is nothing if not loose! Although that’s not to say Harper lacks in structure, with a nice sense of balance and warmth at the heart of the quirky hand-sketched characters. The font isn’t exactly packed with features compared to some, but it’s still easy to see a wide range of applications for Harper’s friendly face.

I put together a samples showing the font in use, with a little help from Watson Steel Pen, and of course the now customary musical accompaniment

Harper is the latest font from the pen of Jennifer DeAngelis Gunn from the Design 23 studio, and if you’re looking for some hand-sketched details you could do worse than spend a bit of time rooting through her other fonts!

More samples of Harper in use are available on the Design 23 MyFonts store


Fonts: Harper, VTG Watson Steel Pen