Font Friday is a series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week it’s the sans-serif precision and practicality of Halis Rounded

Sometimes you just can’t beat a really good deal, and the current offer from Turkish font designer Ahmet Altun is the sort of gift horse you shouldn’t really face front-on. At 90% off the ticket price when purchasing the whole family, $16 for a set of 16 OpenType font faces (including 8 weights and small caps versions) represents fantastic value for money.

Of course, this would count for nothing if the font was rubbish, but thankfully Ahmet has produced a highly legible, unassumingly handsome and versatile family of faces here. Halis Rounded is a slightly more worn-in version of the designer’s Halis Grotesque family (also currently on offer) and has slightly rounded corners, whilst retaining the clean geometrics and straight borders of the Grotesque version. The font has excellent legibility across all weights, from very small sizes to very large, and the heavier weights would look great as letterpress.

Ligatures are kept practical rather than showy, and a full set of alternative numeric forms makes this an excellent choice for typesetting large blocks of text. It’s hard of course to completely avoid comparisons with HVD’s iconic Brandon Grotesque, but there are enough differences to give Halis it’s own identity, and Ahmet’s font is arguably easier to read at small sizes. Plus that discount is very hard to ignore…

Inspiration this week is from Craggy Island’s master of the marketing hard sell and sole representative of the Irish Tea Board.

The complete family of Halis Rounded (16 fonts spread across 8 weights and small capital versions) can be purchased at the discounted rate of $16 for a limited period from Ahmet’s MyFonts store, which also features more examples of the font in use.


Fonts: Halis Rounded (Ahmet Altun)