Giving your customers a site to easily order from home has never been more important; that’s a worldwide concern right now.

We’ve been doing a lot of work for our clients over in the United Arab Emirates over the past few months with plenty of focus on expanding e-commerce.

Our latest launch was a new website for UAE-based boutique Japanese Bakery & Gourmet Chain, Yamanote Atelier.

As well as designing and building the site from scratch for a unique customised experience we really made WooCommerce earn its crust on this one.

Customers placing orders through the site are now able to schedule in-store pickups, check dishes for dietary allergies and customise orders with various options, sizes and add-ons.

With so many branches to run the site is also clever enough to customise options to clients depending on their location or branch and settle up through custom CCAvenue payment services.

Not all eCommerce sites have to be as big as this to be productive. No matter your shape or size of business feel free to get in touch if you think you need help with your online sales scope.