Following on from designing the logo, the Honeywell Bakes website made its debut at the end of last year, complete with gingerbready festive goodness!

Having already worked with Rosie and Rebecca from Honeywell Bakes on their logo, I had a pretty good idea of the sort of thing they were after with their website… Friendly, a little bit quirky, a distinctive personality and lots of great big photos (courtesy of Rebecca) showing the sisters’ baking skills off to the max. Add to that a hand-drawn street scene from the pen of Lydia of Hand Drawn Maps and the site almost designed itself!

A mix-and-match selection of hand-drawn fonts were chosen to give a friendly and welcoming face to the site, along with a few choice doodles.

The full-width gallery gave Rebecca’s fantastic photos plenty of room to shine, with editable captions styled to complement the rest of the site.

One of the main requirements was that people could order online through the site, so WordPress Ecommerce was set up, styled to fit with the rest of the site, and filled up with a range of cookies, cakes and personalised baked gifts.

Of course no WordPress-based website would be complete without a blog, and Honeywell Bakes is no exception with recipes, hints and tips from the girls, along with Facebook and Pinterest feeds, social sharing links and picture-by-picture pinning if you spot something you like!

Has that got your mouth watering? Then head over to the Honeywell Bakes website for more biscuity treats!


Website: WordPress custom theme with WordPress Ecommerce plugin

Design: Swash and Fold

Illustration: Lydia Bevan at Hand Drawn Maps

Fonts: Taluhla, Travel Diary, Carrotflower