Font Friday is a series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week we’re getting a little distressed with Magesta Script and Wausau.

Few type designers manage to get their letters as authentically worn and weathered as Ryan Martinson at Yellow Design Studio. From the layered grunge of Anodyne to the super-handy extras supplied with Veneer, Ryan’s warm, vintagey fonts bridge the gap between letterpress, screen-printing and digital effortlessly.

Magesta Script and Wausau have been around for a few years now, but for some reason had passed under my radar. Having had a good old play with them this week, I thought I ought to put that right!

Magesta Script comes as a set of four retro script fonts that attempt to capture the warm, authentic qualities of letterpress printing, with each weight using different levels of ink coverage. There’s also a “mix” version, which automatically swaps in different weights as you type, the resulting texture and slight misalignment giving the font realism and warmth.

In contrast Wausau is a sturdier drop-shadowed serif, taking a lead from vintage wood-type blocks. There is only one weight available for Wausau but different levels of weathering are available by switching between upper and lower-case characters, and the font keeps an eye out for double characters (e.g ‘OO’ or ‘EE’) to ensure realistic variations between letters.

As ever, this is best illustrated by example, with soundtrack this week provided by the almighty Dave

More samples of these two in use are available in the YouWorkForThem store, and if you hurry you can pick these two up at the bargain price of $9 each!


Fonts: Wausau (Yellow Design Studio), Magesta Script (Yellow Design Studio)