Online store Ebury Home & Garden is the brainchild of product and fashion stylist Hannah Gooch, who I’d recently worked with on Gooch & Gawler

The site was set up in 2011 with the intention offering a carefully curated collection of high quality homewares, with a refined colour palette and a range of handmade, recycled and recyclable pieces. Hannah approached me with a view to rebuilding the site alongside her branding update, making things a lot more manageable behind the scenes and improving the overall user experience.

As with Gooch & Gawler, Hannah had a clear idea on how things should look, and after discussion about the key areas the site should feature she provided initial designs for each section. Since the product images were so visually striking (again thanks to Sarah Gawler’s superb photography) simplicity was key, so the website implementation needed to be clean, efficient and unobtrusive.

An installation of the flexible Jigoshop ecommerce plugin was combined with a custom WordPress theme. Jigoshop is a powerful system capable of handling orders from start to finish, keeping track of stock levels and transactions along the way. The basic store was then further tweaked and enhanced with additional templates and custom development to meet requirements.

The final Ebury Home & Garden online shop is free from any unnecessary clutter, extremely easy to browse, and packed with lots of large photos that really show off the products to the max. Hannah’s blog runs alongside the store, and the site is rounded off with information pages and a portfolio gallery.

Take a look at some screenshots from the finished product, or alternatively have a nose around the live site here!


Website: WordPress ecommerce and custom theme development.
Original Design: Ebury Home & Garden
Fonts: Helvetica Neue Pro® (Linotype)