Sometimes a client gets in touch with a fully-formed design, all Photoshopped up and raring to go… they just need someone to turn it into a real-life website!

Hannah from Gooch & Gawler was one such client, with a very clear idea on the design and aesthetic she and collaborator Sarah Gawler wanted for their joint venture.

With a business specialising in styling wedding shoots, post-production and photography, the final images are everything. Hannah kept the design clean and simple to let Sarah’s stunning photography breathe.

Turning Hannah’s designs into a working site involved a custom WordPress template, stripping it back to the barest of bones and only adding in the bits needed to fulfill the requirements. This kept the code free of much of the clutter WordPress tends to load the page with behind the scenes, and made realizing the design in HTML a lot easier. Detailing was kept subtle to match the overall tone of the design and photography, with barely-there hover effects on links, discrete social links in the menu and on the blog, and a minimal but elegant photo gallery for the portfolio page using the excellent NextGEN plugin for image management. This was rounded off with the webfont version of ITC’s American Typewriter, to tie everything together.

Take a look at some screenshots from the finished product, or have a nose around the live site here!


Website: WordPress custom theme development
Original Design: Gooch & Gawler
Fonts: ITC American Typewriter (ITC)