I’ve been dying to blog this one ever since I got the first proofs back from the printers…

When Lisa and John got in touch about designing an Order of Service their brief was fairly open-ended. They wanted something that felt summery and laid back. They liked things to look clean, and contemporary. They liked light grey. They liked pink. And they didn’t want anything too stuffy or overly formal. In many ways the ideal brief!

I had in mind a kind of handmade-but-not style, combining a nice tactile card-stock with typefaces inspired by the hand-drawn lettering of the 60s Avant Garde designers, and finally a bit of hand-finishing to round things off. Happily, this was exactly the sort of thing Lisa and John had in mind, so after sending them off to pick their preferred shade of grey (the trusty Fired Earth paint books proving most useful in this case), I got the design underway. The guys had a couple of quotes they wanted to include which gave me the opportunity to play around with the type, using a minimal splash of pink to add emphasis and highlights.

The inside of the Order of Service was kept simple for ease of reading, although the lettering style was carried across to keep things consistent with the cover. Additionally, the inner section was trimmed from the edge of the outer pages, allowing it to be framed by the border of the cover.

Once printed, the booklets were hand-tied with a pink-twist bakers’ twine as the finishing touch. You can see the results below…



Paper: A5, 4 printed page full colour, 300gsm Mowhawk Via Felt with hand-tied trimming
Design: Swash and Fold
Fonts: Thinaire, Taluhla, Paris, Cheap Pine, Populaire, Vineta, Kenotaph