Client Work: Veronica Varos, Swashed and Folded

Redesigning the website and branding of Pittsburgh-based Wedding and Portrait Photographer Veronica Varos

Veronica first got in touch last year, and it was clear from the first couple of emails how much enthusiasm and creativity she was going to bring to the process. We started off with the usual Pinterest pinning spree which soon gave rise to a very distinct design direction, tending towards watercolour washes, strong typographic flourishes and a fondness for ‘found’ textures. This was balanced by a preference for clean and uncluttered layouts, which gave a clear initial design direction. Veronica also put together a highly detailed and very helpful wish-list, both of features and design preferences. As a result the first draft design needed very few tweaks before taking final shape…

The homepage features a slideshow pulled automatically from the ‘featured image’ of each featured blog post, held in place by some ageing sticky tape. A similar effect is used on the gallery pages, with the slideshow’s navigation scribbled on a couple of bits of paper tape to add to the vintage detailing.

To stop things slipping too far into scrapbooking territory the static site-links at the bottom of each page were given a contemporary ‘circles-and-typography’ overhaul, with each link effectively getting its own logo.

Finally, the blog posts themselves got an unconventional treatment, avoiding the more obvious layout options in favour of a magazine-inspired two-column shape. The essential information stays put on the left as you scroll down the page, meaning visitors always know exactly what they’re looking at.

This was then capped off at the bottom with a trio of calls to action, scribbled on paper tape to keep a visual link back to other parts of the site.

Thanks to Veronica for being great fun to work with on this commission. If you’d like to see more of her work head on over to her site at


Website: WordPress custom theme development

Fonts: Carolyna Pro Black, Mensch Thin, Brandon Grotesque, Sorts Mill Goudy



  1. After searching and talking with various other web designers for months and never feeling like their vision fit with mine, I feel so lucky to have discovered Swash and Fold through another photographer. After our first conversation, I knew that working with you would result in something fabulous.

    Thank you so much for everything, Ian! Your attention to detail still amazes me. The fact that you took every bit of information, every bullet list, every photo, every screen shot I provided you with and, not missing A SINGLE detail, created something so beautiful and so perfect for my business. I am officially in love with my website because of you and often find myself clicking around the pages here and there just to remind myself that this awesome bit of digital perfection now represents me and my work.

    I can not recommend you highly enough to others! Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over!

  2. It’s so beautiful, another great website. I still just click on mine just to look at it and go ooh and aah!