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Vintage-Style Wedding Invitations and an RSVP Website

Ryan & Steph thought a Wedding website would be the ideal way to make it easy for their guests to RSVP and find out more about their day, so we set about creating a fun vintage design that would work equally well online and print.

There are plenty of ways you can share information about your wedding day with guests, like info sheets and wedding maps, Facebook groups or email updates. Increasingly people are setting up wedding websites, with lots of services out there letting you add content, maps and links to their pre-designed templates. Steph and Ryan however wanted to theirs to be designed to closely complement their printed invitations, so asked if I could produce both at the same time.

Steph had a clear idea on what she wanted, with vintage-style lettering and an old-fashioned poster layout detailing the back-story to their engagement and wedding. We agreed on some dusty, dusky shades for a splash of retro colour, and I used a combo of HVD’s Brandon Printed and Microbrew from the Albatross foundry – two newish type families packed with weathered detailing, inked imperfections and vintage ornaments, that worked perfectly together and gave Steph the look she was after.

For the website the ever-flexible WordPress was used, creating a simple but flexible site that can also be used to display maps, photo galleries and all sorts of helpful guest-friendly info. Ryan and Steph had their own login details too, so they can update all their information whenever they wish.

Take a look at the finished bits and pieces below…






Paper: 300gsm Tintoretto Gesso
Design: Swash and Fold
Fonts: Brandon Printed (HVD Fonts), Microbrew (Albatross)

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Font Friday: Deco Neue

Font Friday is a series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week it’s the elegant free font Deco Neue

I’m a strong advocate of paid-for fonts. Generally the quality and execution is better than their free counterparts, you get support if they don’t work as expected, and you also get to support the designers or artists who created them. There are exceptions of course, such as the wonderful Lost Type Co-Op or the iconic League of Moveable Type, both of whom have seen their professional-quality fonts used extensively in print and screen. Deco Neue is another such free offering that deserves a place in your font folder, from the hand of designer Jonatan Xavier.

Deco Neue was produced as part of a typography course Jonatan was undertaking, and is a well-balanced, elegant example of the sort of Art Deco typefaces that came to prominence in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The font is undoubtedly limited in some areas – there are no lower case characters, numerals or punctuation – but as a free offering there is much to recommend it with plenty of scope for use on posters or invitations.

I’ve put together an example of the font in use below, with the musical soundtrack this week provided by Brett Anderson’s recently-reformed Britpop romanticists

The light version of Deco Neue is available to download for free from Jonatan’s Behance portfolio page – all you have to do is give a little tweet to say thanks, and hopefully Jonatan will develop this into a fully-fledged professional typeface before too long!


Fonts: Deco Neue (Jonatan Xavier)

Design Work

Logo Design: The Album Mill

A bit of a sneaky tease on the logo front here, with a quick peek at the branding for the soon-to-launch The Album Mill, a new site that’s sure to be of interest to any photographers out there.

The team still have lots of work to do before the site launches, but if you’re a photographer and you’ve ever found yourself staring blankly at notes about gutters, bleeds and print profiles, an early-bird sign-up to The Album Mill site might be one of the most productive five minutes you’ve spent in a while!


Design: Swash and Fold

Fonts: Trend Slab One (Latinotype), Verna (Fenotype)

Design Work

Logo Design: Monty’s Vintage Shop

Another mini post for you today, with a quick look at the logo work I’ve just completed for Monty’s Vintage Shop, purveyors of period home paraphernalia and vintage one-off pieces.

Monty’s are busy at the moment getting geared up for the festive season, but I’m sure they’d welcome a hello on their Facebook page. Alternatively, why not have a good old browse of their wares?.


Design: Swash and Fold

Fonts: Polyspring (Pintassilgo Prints), Portsmouth (Open Window fonts)

Design Work

Client work: custom design folding invitations with a vintage flavour

There are heaps of ¬†great choices out there for off-the-peg invitations, but sometimes they just don’t quite fit the bill… which is where a bit of Swash and Folding can come in handy!

Laura & Nick got in touch after scouring the likes of and not quite finding what they’d had in mind, either in terms of design or the print quality of the end product. We chatted about the sort of thing they were looking for, and decided on a bespoke set of folding daytime and evening invitations which would be completely unique to their wedding.

Laura had already got a fairly extensive Pinterest board on the go, which gave a really clear guide about the sort of style they liked: equal parts modern and retro, combining woodblock-style fonts and banners with hand-drawn and line-art elements. The guys also wanted to play off the fact that the wedding is taking place in London, and give a subtle nod to it being a winter wedding.

We decided to do two designs – a smaller A6 folding card for evening guests, and a square info-packed gatefold shape for those attending the full day – with both invitations featuring a detachable RSVP section to mail back to Laura & Nick.

Both designs feature a very cute illustration of Laura and Nick, drawn from reference photos provided by the guys by the skilled hand of illustrator Laura Cake. The flipside of the evening invitation has a representation of the reception venue, along with a stylised take on the London skyline.

The text treatment combined a mix of serif and san-serif vintage-style woodblock fonts with the sweeping curves of Carolyna, one of the many typefaces from the hand of Emily Lime‘s studio.

The invitation for guests attending the full day also carries the frontage and skyline image seen on the evening card. However…

… flip it open and a wealth of extra information is revealed – all the local knowledge guests attending the day could ever need.

Finally, the full-day invitations also carry a handy map on the back, so there’s no excuse for guests not making it from the ceremony to the reception!


Paper: A6 4 printed page full colour & Custom-sized 6 printed page full colour, both in 300gsm Mowhawk Via Felt

Design: Swash and Fold

Fonts: Carolyna Pro Black, Deming EP, Rama Slab, Cheap Pine, Brioche, Telemark Label Bold