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Branding and Responsive Website Design for Roeder Studios, Inc

A mixture of branding, website design and intensive WordPress templating on the blog today, with a fresh new online prospectus for Laura Roeder’s “Creating Fame” course…

Laura Roeder has a compelling story to tell, becoming a highly respected advocate of using social media as a business opportunity in few short years, and along the way setting up Creating Fame – an online course that shares her approach with a wider audience. The time was right to update the website and visual identity, and create a much more extensive prospectus for the course packed with details, questions, course summaries and lots more.

One of main criteria of the brief was to create some unique and visually striking long-form article pages. These carry a lot of information, so it was important to present this to visitors in an engaging way that encouraged reading. A second criteria was that the website should be fully responsive, adapting the page layout to fit the dimensions of a wide range of different sized devices. The combination of these two requirements provided a technological challenge, with extensive CSS-wrangling required behind the scenes. But the end result is something that looks good on to all visitors, regardless of the device they’re viewing the site on.

The project was rounded off with a family of logo-marks for Creating Fame and related Roeder Studios brands, designed to be simple, welcoming and confident in tone. Take a look at how everything hangs together in the finished article below…



Client: Creating Fame

Design: Swash and Fold

Platform: WordPress self-hosted blog with custom-developed Genesis child theme

Fonts: Hand Gothic (JC Fonts), Halis Rounded (Ahmet Altun), Source Sans Pro (Paul D. Hunt / Adobe)

Design Work

Logo Design: New Forest Studio, Swashed and Folded

Some more client work on the blog today, with a hand-lettered logo and a set of woodsy, organic elements for Hampshire-based photographer Sam Alexander-Pearce at New Forest Studio…

Sam got in touch wanting a fresh new look for his Wedding Photography business, as the current brand was no longer reflecting his personality, aesthetic or style. After exploring several different options we arrived at this design with a trio of stylised New Forest pines, paired with a hand-lettered typeface. The end result was a clean-cut contemporary logo in woody colours, with a set of complementary design elements and fonts, ensuring the brand design can be easily carried throughout everything Sam produces.




Design: Swash and Fold

Fonts: The Serif Hand (La Goupil), Muli Light (Vernon Adams), Nothing you Could Do (Kimberly Geswein), Amatic (Vernon Adams)

Design Work

Logo Design: The Library

An artisanal, craftsman-like approach to drink preparation from head librarian Joel Whitmore and proprietor James Fowler has swiftly positioned The Library as one of the most respected purveyors of fine spirits and cocktails in the country, despite still being in their first year of opening…

The Library is an unassuming venue, tucked away on the first floor of Fowler’s restaurant. But once up the discreet flight of stairs visitors find themselves in a unique but immediately comfortable space, combining manor house drawing room, speak-easy and public house into the perfect environment to enjoy a quality tipple. Whilst keen to keep things understated and refined, James and Joel nevertheless wanted to give The Library its own identity unique from the restaurant below. So we set about exploring some ideas together, including period details, maps, books, and assorted distillation ephemera.

One thing I kept returning to was the idea of the bar globes. The Library has several of these iconic pieces of library furniture, first made popular in Renaissance Italy during the 16th Century. To me they summed up everything James and Joel were trying to achieve with The Library – discovery, a sense of exploration, a nod to history… That and the fact that they were a handy way of discretely stashing away bottles of your best booze for a sneaky sip in the drawing room.

The final logo takes two forms – a simplified text only version for situations where things need to be kept professional, and the full “ornate” version for those occasions when only the best will do. Keep an eye out for a future post with the various implementations of the brand in situ, but for now take a look at some examples of the logo below.







Client: The Library / Seasoned Spirits (website)
Design: Swash and Fold

Fonts:Hoefler Text Engraved No.1 (Hoefler & Frere-Jones), Garamond Premier Pro (Adobe), Vulpa Italic (Schizotype)

Design Work

Logo Design: Anna Morgan Photography

More client work on the blog today with a sneak peek of the forthcoming brand redesign for wedding photographer Anna Morgan

There’s a lot more to come soon, but I thought it would be good to get a sneak peek at the forthcoming branding update for Dorset-based wedding photographer Anna Morgan. Its often the case that as a business grows and develops, a clearer sense of identity starts to emerge. In Anna’s case, she wanted to move towards a more distinctive, confident and contemporary brand design that reflected her personality and approach.

Anna’s Pinterest pins indicated a strong leaning towards strong san-serifs and hand-drawn text, with the boldness of the lettering offset by a preference for lighter pastel, mint and powder blue shades.

Additional versions of the logo were created for watermarking, stamping and alternative colourways for Anna’s business cards. Take a look at the finished product below, and keep an eye out for the website redesign coming soon!




Design: Swash and Fold

Fonts: Festivo Letters (Ahmet Altun) – adapted

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Client Work: Utterly Wow Logo & Website Design

Setting up your own company can be quite a handful, with lots to organise and plenty of decisions that need to be made before you introduce yourself to your future customers.

It would take either a particularly organised or totally bonkers mind to try and do that at the same time as arranging something as involved as a wedding, right? Particularly one packed with as many carefully crafted personal details as this. Fortunately Sama Hemsley is in the former camp (I think). Doubly fortunately the business she was working on was Utterly Wow, a boutique wedding planning & design company, so amazing organisational skills are sort of essential!

Sama had already found a voice for her brand with her popular blog, so had a clear idea of her audience and how she wanted the business to look and feel. After a few Pinterest sessions and some design reviews we came up with a clean, modern logo and a fresh, peachy colour palette. Following a brief interlude while wedding plans stepped up a notch, we got to work on the website.

The website itself is a bespoke WordPress theme, with custom post types for Sama’s featured couples and lots of feed-packed widgets and slideshows to keep the homepage interesting and fresh. Webfonts are used in key areas to give a bit of typographic interest, while the summery tones are complemented by the whitewashed wooden page background, preventing the palette from overwhelming the colourful photos to be found in the Show + Tell section.

Take a look at some details from the project below, or swing by the Utterly Wow website yourself to see things first hand!


Website: Design and WordPress custom theme development
Fonts: Lato (Ɓukasz Dziedzic / Google Webfonts), Amarelinha (PintassilgoPrints), Cocobella, Brandon Grotesque