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Font Friday: Reina

Font Friday is a series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week it’s “Reina”, a swirling, decorative Didone packed with alternate letter shapes for some stunning designs.

Few things appeal to me in a typeface more than a good swash, so Reina is long overdue a place in the Font Friday folder. Reina picked up awards aplenty from the type industry when it was released in 2011, and it’s easy to see why.

When used straight out of the box, Reina is a functional but appealing Didone-style font (Didones having strong contrast between thick and thin lines with heavy vertical strokes). But start playing with some of the OpenType alternate styles in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign and things really come to life, with a vast toolkit of whimsical loops and extensions just perfect for posters, invitations and display text.

I put together a couple of samples showing Reina in use, with a dash of 80s anthemic pop for good measure…

Designed by Maximiliano Sproviero of Lián Type, Reina is a sophisticated typeface and consequently has a slightly higher price tag than some fonts out there, although at under £25 it’s by no means the most expensive on the market! Plus in use the font feels more like a genuine design tool rather just than something to type with.

More samples of Reina in use are available on the Lián Types MyFonts store


Fonts: Reina

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Font Friday: Papercute

Font Friday is a series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week it’s “Papercute”, a hand-drawn font inspired by paper cutting, with plenty of hipster appeal

Papercute is far removed from last week’s Trend Slab. Where that font was clean and precise, the hand-styled Papercute is irregular and slightly wonky with lots of charm. La Goupil are the Parisienne design house behind Papercute, and are also behind the “Paris” font used on these orders of service from last year. The font doesn’t need OpenType software to get the best out of it, with slight variations available simply by switching between upper and lower case. It also has a handy set of ornaments to complete the picture.

I put together a quick sample showing Papercute in use, with thanks to winsome indie-types Belle & Sebastian for the words:

Papercute is available to buy for just $7, with the ornaments priced the same.

More samples of Papercute in use are available on the La Goupil MyFonts store


Fonts: Papercute, Papercute Ornaments
Photo: Joanna Star Stock on Deviantart

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Font Friday: Trend Slab

Font Friday is a new series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week I’d like to introduce “Trend”, a newly released layered font system perfect for headlines, posters, quirky invitations and signs.

Trend is the latest font from the prolific Latinotype foundry in Chile. The font comes in slab (square sticky-out bits) and sans serif (no sticky-out bits) versions with italic variations and a heap of on-trend dingbats, swirly scribbles, ribbons and ornaments, perfect for quirking-up any design.

I put together a quick sample showing Trend Slab in use:

One thing I really liked about Trend is that it’s a “layered” font. Layered fonts are great – as well as the standard versions, they also let you build up your own mix and match shadows, inline details and colour combinations. And unlike some of the more sophisticated fonts out there, you don’t need to be up to speed with OpenType-friendly tools like Illustrator to get the most out of it.

Best of all, Trend is currently on offer, with a massively discounted price of $19 if you buy the whole family as opposed to a combined price of $159.

More samples of Trend in use are available on the Latinotype MyFonts store


Fonts: Trend Slab, Trend Sans, Trend Ornaments