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Font Friday: Organically

Font Friday is a series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week it’s PintassilgoPrints’ extremely adaptable Organically

The type industry looks to be in great health at the moment, with a seemingly never-ending supply of exquisitely drafted fonts pouring out of design studios around the world. Many of them could only really be considered “display” typefaces – that is, fonts that are best suited to small amounts of text such as logos, posters or invitations. This is no bad thing, and most of the fonts featured here have fallen into this category. But what if you had a larger amount of text you wanted to set? However great the likes of Bonbon might look as a headline, trying to use it as the main face in an article would soon lead to a messy, swirly overload of swashes and squiggles.

This is why I quite liked Organically, from the previously featured PintassilgoPrints. Although still a display font at heart (whack it into upper case with discretionary ligatures activated and watch the Pintassilgo magic happen!) the lower case characters are discrete enough to be used in quantity, compact enough to work in a paragraph, yet retaining just enough visual flourish and character to give some warmth to a layout.

While you still wouldn’t want to set a whole book in a font like Organically, it livens up a recipe no end. Inspiration for today’s example comes from baking blogger The Gentleman Baker, with a fabulously floral teatime treat from his extensive archives…

More samples of Organically in use are available on the Pintassilgo store, and more amazing recipes are available on The Gentleman Baker’s fantastic blog.


Fonts: Organically (Pintassilgo Prints)
Cakes: Chamomile Fruit Loaf, by The Gentleman Baker