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Branding and Responsive Website Design for Roeder Studios, Inc

A mixture of branding, website design and intensive WordPress templating on the blog today, with a fresh new online prospectus for Laura Roeder’s “Creating Fame” course… Laura Roeder has a compelling story to tell, becoming a highly respected advocate of using social media as a business opportunity in few short years, and along the way […]

Client Work: Website & Logo Design

Marie Lloyd Photography, Swashed and Folded Marie and husband Jason got in touch shortly after Swash and Fold opened its doors to the world, looking for a helping hand with the online side of their Wedding Photography business. Additionally, Marie wanted to build a stronger brand identity, with an updated logo and look-and-feel that better […]

What’s in a name?

Swash n. (Typography) – An elegant extension on a letter form, either a decorative elongation of an existing element or an added-on flourish. Typically extends beyond the limits of the individual character.  Wash and Fold n. (Service) – A convenient and cost-effective method of sending out your laundry to be done by professionals. Many take advantage of […]