Penman Direct

Branding, Ecommerce

Project details

Description: Logo & brand design with full customisation of Squarespace templates.
Client: Penman Direct
Date: September 2015

Client testimonial

Ian of Swash and Fold completely redesigned my wedding photography business website and designed a new logo and branding for me. He really ‘got’ what I was looking for first time! I was delighted with the look and feel of my new website and logo – everyone I speak to agrees how beautiful it looks.

Ian has a real knack for knowing exactly what will work in terms of look, design and colours and in October 2015 when I took over a small calligraphy supplies company (PenmanDirect), I went straight back to him to set me up with a Shopify e-commerce website, with a new logo and branding package. Again, after a couple of emails back and forth, Ian nailed it! I wanted a clean, modern-looking and intuitive experience for my customers and that’s exactly what I have with the website Ian has created for me. Again, customer comments have been 100% positive, even from those who wouldn’t normally shop online!

I really cannot recommend him enough when it comes to website and logo design and branding. Swash and Fold are my go-to company!