Font Friday is a series of posts showcasing new or interesting fonts that have caught my eye this week. This week it’s the elegant free font Deco Neue

I’m a strong advocate of paid-for fonts. Generally the quality and execution is better than their free counterparts, you get support if they don’t work as expected, and you also get to support the designers or artists who created them. There are exceptions of course, such as the wonderful Lost Type Co-Op or the iconic League of Moveable Type, both of whom have seen their professional-quality fonts used extensively in print and screen. Deco Neue is another such free offering that deserves a place in your font folder, from the hand of designer Jonatan Xavier.

Deco Neue was produced as part of a typography course Jonatan was undertaking, and is a well-balanced, elegant example of the sort of Art Deco typefaces that came to prominence in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The font is undoubtedly limited in some areas – there are no lower case characters, numerals or punctuation – but as a free offering there is much to recommend it with plenty of scope for use on posters or invitations.

I’ve put together an example of the font in use below, with the musical soundtrack this week provided by Brett Anderson’s recently-reformed Britpop romanticists

The light version of Deco Neue is available to download for free from Jonatan’s Behance portfolio page – all you have to do is give a little tweet to say thanks, and hopefully Jonatan will develop this into a fully-fledged professional typeface before too long!


Fonts: Deco Neue (Jonatan Xavier)