David Gordon Photography, Swashed and Folded

It’s never easy to get your website right first time. Often your initial online presence is a means to an end – a way of getting your business on the web quickly, rather than being a true representation of your brand or outlook. David got in touch with exactly this issue… His blog did a perfectly adequate job of acting as a shop window for his photos, but it lacked a personal touch.

The site suffered from the limitations of the template, and David didn’t have the web skills necessary to pull things into shape himself. What David needed was someone to help him bring the site up to date with a more contemporary look-and-feel, and also to give everything a more welcoming, friendly approach. Oh, and if we could make it a bit easier to keep on top of updating the blog along the way, then that would be a bonus!

After a few lengthy emails where we explored exactly what David wanted from the site, it was to time once again to turn to Pinterest. David put an inspiration board together, which contained some lovely examples of the sort of thing he was drawn to, and we began to iterate some designs. After a couple of revisions we ended up with a design that seemed to tick all the boxes, with a mixture of contemporary textures, vintage styling and a classic layout. The central area on the homepage is a fully customisable slideshow, with typography-rich headings. Below this we opted for a feed of four featured blog posts, and a detailed footer area giving ready access to David’s contact details, Facebook and Google business page.

The blog pages were given a similar treatment, setting up some simple and effective styles for headings, comment boxes, form elements and other items. This means David can create new blog posts and pages in future, confident that they will all share a consistent style.

The “About Me” page is always a difficult one to get right. It’s your chance to tell the world not only how you work professionally, but to give them an insight into the person behind the name… And if that means sharing with the world your fifteen minutes of fame at the hand of the Countdown clock, then all the better!

Finally we had a look at David’s pricing page. Like many photographers he offers a range of pricing options for prospective clients, which meant the old page had ended up quite complex, and confusing for readers. To tackle this we went for a column-based layout, echoing the look-and-feel of the other page elements. With this new layout, couples can see at a glance the full range of options available, and make a more informed decision when choosing the package they wish to go for. All of which means better communication with prospective clients, which can only be a good thing!

The site is live right now at davidgordonphotography.co.uk/, so why not take a look for yourself and see what you think!


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