Barrow & Fall – a paintbook-inspired swatch

Sometimes colour inspiration can be hard to come by…

You know the sort of tones you want, but you just can’t tease them out of the computer. If only there was some sort of ready-made collection of subtle, classy tones out there, colour-balanced to work in harmony with one another and to give your designs a touch of… y’know… class

Hopefully this swatch will go some way to filling that gap! We’ve painstakingly replicated the 2011 colour range from everyone’s favourite heritage paint manufacturer, the oh-so distinguished Farrow & Ball. Each colour has been sampled (in RGB so perfect for screen use!), labelled with the corresponding paint name, and bundled up as an ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) for you to use in the CS application of your choice.

The swatch is available to download from Gumroad for just £1…

Get the swatch!

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